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Technology Meets Humanity

We bring a face-to-face approach to tailoring our best -in -class integrated technology software and applications to your specific project. We know in this ever -changing multifamily market it is paramount to ensure you have real -time data tracking and accurate reports which help to make critical decisions in increasing velocity and mitigating vacancy loss. Through in -person face -time, we meet to dissect and interpret the reports, staying connected to the project personally and maximizing results.

Crown Residential is forward thinking, technologically advanced and completely paperless. We use cloud-based storage and have integrated property management software platforms with efficient user interfaces. Our tech allows us to keep costs low without sacrificing service. Electronic documentation allows us to have a seamless accounting process which includes more efficient budgeting and financial management.

Our platforms include:
Realpage Onesite Leasing and Rents with Business Intelligence, Custom Reporting, Dashboards E-Reputation Management Modern Message Digital Market Surveys Jobvite Blue Moon Online Leases Expensify Digital Expense Management Castle University and Grace Hill Custom Online Training Vero Fraud Protection Software Costar and Axio Metrics Analytics Conservice/Velocity Utility Billing Services E-Renter Plan/Jetty Renter’s Insurance OKTA Single Sign On Yieldstar Revenue Management GridVendor Online Vendor Management e-Concierge Apps: ButterflyMX Livly HelloAlfred Rise Mobile Doorman Yext